Platinum Channel

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Platinum Channel

The Platinum Portfolio Management and Technical Analysis program from Best of US Investors presents a multifaceted approach to market mastery, designed to assist traders in navigating the intricacies of both short-term market fluctuations and long-term investment strategies. It features an extensive array of tools and educational content:

  • BUS Portfolio Analysis and Long-Term Analysis: A deep dive into the BUS portfolio to help traders understand Best of US Investors long-term outlook.
  • BUS Portfolio Cheat Sheet: A quick reference guide to streamline decision-making processes pertaining to the positions in the BUS Portfolio.
  • BUS Portfolio Debt Analysis: Evaluation of debt levels of the BUS Portfolio line up and the health of each company.
  • Three Platinum Swing Trading Lists: These include the Watch List for potential trades, the Horizon List that don’t meet all of the requirements to be on the Watch List but are on the way, and Stocks Under 200 Day SMA.
  • Platinum Swing Trading Buy and Sell Alerts: Real-time notifications to make swift trading decisions.
  • Platinum Swing Trading Educational Videos: A library of learning materials to refine swing trading tactics.
  • Weekly Friday Platinum Swing Trading Video Call and Replay: An interactive session to discuss strategies and review trades with the ability to replay for convenience.
  • Friday Video Call With Kerry: Where Kerry leads off with his thoughts on markets and then opens up to Q&A with Tribe members.
  • Access to the Best of US Investor Discord: An exclusive community platform for Platinum members to engage and share insights.


These components are crafted to support inventors and  traders at every step, from the initiation of a trade to the advanced management of a diverse trading portfolio. Whether it’s through actionable swing trading lists or the collaborative environment of the Discord channel, this program ensures traders have a robust support system for their investment journey.