Find Happiness by Discovering Who Are You / Why You are You

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Find Happiness by Discovering Who Are You/ Why You are You, written by Kerry Grinkmeyer explains how the author, in retirement, searched for the ten most important days in his life which formed his character. “These ten days would determine how I would react to every situation, encounter, and relationship that I would have in my 75 years. Knowing why I am who I am has empowered me to evict the unwanted roommate that used to live in my head and feed my mind with negative speak. I’ve replaced him with my biggest fan, supporter and partner in all of my endeavours.” Kerry offers his story as a path that you can follow, then armed with the understanding of Who You Are, Kerry hopes that you can find your passion and happiness. “I wake every morning at 6:00 am and my roommate and I explore the possibilities of the day, he challenges me to reach for higher highs. Kerry has used this discovery to find his life passion as a creator. He now, at age 75, is a YouTube creator sharing his knowledge and experience with a growing audience, “I’m in a race against time to get 1 million subscribers on my YouTube channel.”


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