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Premium Plus

Get on the BUS! $20 / Month

For a monthly subscription fee of $20, members will gain access to the BUS Portfolio series that include BUS13BUS12 and as well as future theme driven investment portfolios.  Created and managed by Kerry Grinkmeyer, founder of Best of US Investors, the BUS Portfolio series invests in companies of the future.  Driven by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the rapid growth of technology, the BUS Portfolio series highlights the best of the best.

Kerry Grinkmeyer, a retired financial advisor with over 50 years of investing and stock market investing. He shares his insight shares on investment trends that create opportunities to achieving generational wealth.

Members are notified when Kerry makes buy and sells in his BUS Portfolio Series as well as having access to participate in Kerry’s weekly Friday Q&A video call with members. Kerry shares his latest research as well as access to the Best of US Investors Discord where members can discuss investing, trade ideas and the latest market trends.


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